Strawberry Patch Guide

  • Use the provided boxes to pick into.
  • Pick your area clean.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult to pick.
  • No running in the rows or jumping over a row.
  • Pick your area clean.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No smoking on the premises.
  • Watch for thistles!
  • This is a farm so you may see wild animals, bugs or weeds…enjoy nature!
  • Please treat our plants and farm with respect as we would at your home!
  • We allow you to sample, but don’t put more in your mouth than in your box. Thanks.

How to Pick Strawberries

When strawberry picking, it is important to know which strawberries to pick. It is important to choose plump and firm strawberries. Make sure that the strawberries are completely red as well. Unlike tomatoes and some other fruits and vegetables, strawberries stop ripening at the moment they are picked. If you have ever wondered how to tell if a strawberry is ripe, all you have to do is look at the tip of the strawberry. If the tip is completely red, the strawberry is ready to eat.

How to Pick Strawberries
Hand washing is required before entering the field to pick your strawberries. There is a hand wash station located at the UPick strawberry field.

Strawberry picking is most successful when the picker applies the minor technical aspects of picking strawberries to the task at hand. Here is how to pick strawberries:

  1. Hold the stem of the strawberry at about one half of an inch above the berry between your thumbnail and index finger while cradling the fruit in your palm.
  2. Sever the stem with pressure from your thumbnail while slightly twisting the stem.
  3. Allow the strawberry (including the cap and stem) gently roll down into your palm.
  4. Gently place your picked strawberries into your container. Don’t press the strawberries or heap them over five inches.

The plants can be damaged or killed by traipsing on them, so be careful not to step on either the plants or strawberries. Be gentle with the strawberry plants and use a careful hand to spread the foliage while looking for strawberries.

Picked strawberries do not have a long shelf-life. When strawberry picking, you should always keep the picked strawberries in the shade and out of direct sun, if possible. Due to the heat that develops inside parked cars, it is also better to keep them out of automobiles until just prior to leaving.

As soon as possible, chill your strawberries in a refrigerator without washing them. Washing the strawberries should be done just prior to consuming or processing them. Washing them hastens the spoiling process otherwise.

Congratulations! You now know how to pick strawberries.

  • Fresh Strawberry Pie

    Fresh Strawberry Pies are available for sale during picking season. Give us a call and we will make a fresh pie for you to enjoy at home or in the office. These pies are super delicious and will have you coming back for more. There is nothing like a fresh strawberry pie in the summer time!
  • U-Pick Herbs

    We are at the mercy of mother nature, but starting this year we are hopeful to provide u pick herbs. We are planning to have basil, mint, oregano, and dill available for picking. Nothing beats fresh herbs to spice up your meals.  Make sure to call ahead for availability.
  • U-Pick Honeyberries

    If you have never tasted a honeyberry, you are missing out! They are a delicious mouthwatering berry available for u-pick for a short time. So make sure to ask about these tasty berries!!  Honeyberries are great for baking or just eating by themselves!